Philadelphia Eagles Player Seen With Trump At Mar-A-Lago

Well, this is certainly interesting.

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It seems scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump has hosted yet another rather interesting guest at his equally scandal-ridden Mar-a-Lago resort, turned post-White House personal home.

The popular Twitter account, Patriot Takes, took to the social media platform early this morning with a photo that shows none other than Philadelphia Eagles practice squad member Anthony “Ant” Harris kicked back, relaxing, and having himself a hell of a good ole time at the disgraced former president’s Palm Beach estate. In one photo posted by the research and monitoring account, Harris is seen personally standing in close proximity to, and possibly even engaging in some light conversation, with the corrupt former guy.

While there’s nothing at all scandalous about “Ant” Harris, or even really in the fact that he attended some event or another at the Palm Beach, Trump-owned estate, suffice it to say that many, many social media users in the comments had their own thoughts on why, perhaps, Trump was hosting the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad member. And honestly, their theories are pretty spot on, if you ask me:

People can see right through your bullshit, Donald, and they’re not impressed.

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