Photo Of Ivanka And Jared Dining At The Ritz In Paris On The Taxpayers’ Dollar Seemed To Enrage Social Media

This is what you call bad optics.

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Nepotism is a theme in the current administration and it’s paying off bigly for unpaid presidential advisors Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, who earned between $82 million and $135.1 million last year in outside income. The Trump brand is toxic, though, with Ivanka’s fragrance, handbag, and shoe lines shuttering and the name Trump being pried from the sides of buildings. While her crybaby father rages about Hunter Biden over his use of his family’s name elevating him to a well-paid position, Trump’s eldest children are doing well off of this president’s name.

After the GOP tax scam was reported as a failure for the middle class, Ivanka and Jared apparently spent Christmas in Paris and dined at the Ritz. That’s some really bad optics for a family of grifters who propped up the tax bill that only helps the wealthy.

Twitter users were not amused.

Let them investigate a private citizen like Hunter Biden, but only after Princess Ivanka, her husband, and Trump’s two eldest son’s business dealings are looked into, mmkay?

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