Photo Of Ivanka Trump With Her Children Left People Asking If Her Kids Are Okay: “Why Do The Kids Always Look So Sad?”

This is honestly sad...

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If you’ve ever paid much attention to the popular Twitter account, MysterySolvent, (we cite them a lot around here!) then you’ve noticed that they tend to share a lot of images of Trump, his family, and just Republicans in general, sometimes hilariously out of context, and allow their followers to weigh in with their own commentary on whatever happens to be going on in the image.

We’ve gotten more than a few hilarious articles out of MysterySolvent’s images. But recently the popular Twitter user posted an image that had people doing a little less laughing a little more wondering, “Are the kids alright?”

Recently, MyseterySolvent shared an image of Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka baking with two of her three children:

“What is Ivanka’s secret ingredient?” they captioned the image.

Plenty of Twitter users weighed in with their answers to the rhetorical question:

However, several other Twitter users have questions of their own when it comes to Ivanka’s children, and the fact that they never seem to look, well, happy:

We’re constantly reporting on all the heinous things being done by Trump and his family, such as Ivanka, but seeing an image like this really makes you think — what are those poor kids going through behind closed doors?

Frankly, God only knows.

Featured image via screen capture

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