Photo Of The Late Betty White And President Obama Emerges And It’s Exactly What We All Need Right Now

This hit me right in my feels.

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Betty White, the beloved fixture on TV shows and movies such as “The Golden Girls,” “Boston Legal,” and “Hot in Cleveland,” died on Friday, leaving a nation in mourning. The legendary actress and comedian was just weeks away from her 100th birthday on Jan. 17. Betty White was honored by Guinness World Records as the longest television career by a female entertainer. White, who was married twice before, was reluctant to marry again even after meeting the love of her life, Allen Ludden.

“I came to the point of regretting that year that I wasted saying ‘no.’ I would have given anything to have it back,” she said of her love affair with Ludden, according to CNN. White and Ludden were married for 18 years until Ludden’s death from cancer in 1981. White never remarried after that.

Tributes poured in on Twitter, including one from Barack Obama’s White House photographer Pete Souza that includes a photo of White with the former President.

Only Betty White:

We are huge fans of the Golden Girls here at the Political Tribune. My colleague, Andrea, gave our publisher and me t-shirts for Christmas with the actors’ faces from the Golden Girls emblazoned across them with ‘The Squad” written underneath. Thank you for being a friend.

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