President Joe Biden Absolutely Destroyed Trump And His Massive Ego During Today’s Highly Distinguished G7 Meeting

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President Joe Biden is generally a very calm, cool, and collected human being. He doesn’t partake in any drama or childish antics. He doesn’t get involved in immature social media spats. He does not insult and attack those who dare to disagree with him. In fact, he takes those disagreements and differing opinions with grace, openness, and understanding, in an effort to make this nation, and hopefully this world, a little bit better, a little bit more unified. It’s one of the things we have admired about the President the most, from the very beginning — his poise and professionalism, his grace and compassion.

But even sweet Joe Biden can get fiery with the best of them when the occasion calls for it.

The entire world has been on the precipice of what could be a serious global disaster for the past month and counting after Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin invaded and attacked the country of Ukraine on February 24th. President Biden made it immediately clear that the United States stands with the country of Ukraine, President Voldomyr Zelenskyy, and the country’s innocent but proud people. However, he has also made it extensively clear that he will do everything in his power to avoid throwing the country and half the planet into World War 3.

Some (like us) have praised the president for his poise, bravery, and astounding competency as he navigates this nation through these unprecedented times. Others have criticized the president’s path. At the end of the day, Joe Biden is not swayed, he is not sorry, and he is not intimidated.

As part of his efforts to lead the United States through this chaos, President Biden attended a highly-distinguished G7 meeting today where he discussed the topic of Russia’s Ukrainian invasion with his fellow world leaders. Following the meeting, Biden held a 20-minute press conference in Brussels, where one foreign journalist questioned the president regarding concerns that Donald Trump could make a comeback.

Joe was quick to offer his trademarked reassurance before taking one hell of a clear-cut dig at his predecessor.

“One of the things that I take some solace from is I don’t think you’ll find any European leader who thinks that I am not up to the job. And I mean that sincerely,” the president stated.

“The point is the first G7 meeting I attended, like the one I did today, was in Great Britain. I sat down and said America is back. One of my counterparts, colleagues, said, ‘For how long?’ I don’t blame or criticize anyone for asking that question, but the next election I would be very fortunate if I had the same man running against me.”

Brace yourselves, Trump will be releasing a whiney statement any moment now.

You can watch President Biden’s press conference here:

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