Pro-Trump Trucker Protest Organizer Was Left Very Unhappy When Only Around 10 People Showed Up To His Pre-SOTU Rally, Despite His Prediction Of A Massive Turnout

Awwwww. Sad lil' trucker rally!

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Good ole Trump lovin’ Americans really hate our northern Canadian neighbors when it comes to their decentralized, universal, publicly funded health care system and their affordable college and their minimum wage that’s actually livable. But boy do they really have a you-know-what for those Canadian truckers, I tell ya.

So much so that they really want to be just like them this time. But after this attempt, it looks like the American side has a little growing up to do before they can pull that off.

As the Candian trucker convoy raged over the prospect of vaccine mandates, one trucker rally here on the States’ side of the proverbial fence, meant to protest against President Joe Biden ahead of his State of the Union address tonight, went out with little more than a fizzle and a dud when around 10 whole people ultimately showed up to the shindig.

Kyle Sefcik, the organizer of the trucker rally that was set to be held near the Washington Monument this afternoon, spoke with Washington NBC 4 earlier today and told the local outlet that he had high hopes for the event and expected to see a turnout in the thousands.

Ultimately, Zachary Petrizzo with The Daily Beast reported that there were “more press and police than rally-goers.”

Now, Sefcik still has his little speech to his “crowd” of less than a dozen, but you could certainly sense that he was one unhappy little trucker.

“Where are the trucks?” the rally’s organizer questioned from the stage.

“Where are the trucks? I know the ones that I had planned coming that are local friends and family, I know they’re not even allowed in because they need a commercial license and have proof of a checkoff today because of the checkpoints so they weren’t even able to stage and make it look cool here,” he whined.

“But I still showed up, even if none of you did, I’d still be right here, because I keep my word.”

Okay, buddy.

If you want a good laugh on this Tuesday afternoon, you can watch the clip of Sefcik’s speech right here:

Featured image via screen capture 

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