Recently Indicted Trump Ally Was Brutally Heckled As He Arrived At NY Courthouse

Perp walk!

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Thomas Barrack, a close friend of former President Donald Trump, is due to be arraigned in New York on criminal charges, and he wasn’t well-received by protesters upon arriving at the courthouse. Barrack, a 74-year-old billionaire private equity investor, is accused of illegally lobbying the Trump campaign in 2016 and then Trump’s administration on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. Last week, he was released with a bond set at among the highest in the world: $250 million. It all sounds so swampy. Well, everyone connected with Trump appears to be a swamp monster.

Before entering the courthouse in Brooklyn, Barrack was greeted by a man holding a sign reading “Traitor” in big black letters.

“It’s our democracy!” a man yelled at Barrack. “It’s our democracy, not yours. Traitor!”

Another person yelled out that Barrack had been required to pay $250 million before being released on bail. “250 million dollars is a lot of money,” the individual yelled out. “What do you think of that?”

“It’s our democracy, you asshole!” a protester shouted out.


Twitter users piled in.

Donald should be getting worried right now. One of his criminal buddies is going to flip sooner or later. It could even happen today.

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