Trump’s Friend Thomas Barrack Reaches Deal With Prosecutors With A Bond That Is “Among The Highest Ever Set In The World”

That's a lot of money.

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The chairman of former President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration — a Trump confidant — who was arrested by federal agents earlier this week on a seven-count indictment, including illegal lobbying for the United Arab Emirates, obstruction of justice, and lying to the FBI, secured a deal with prosecutors to be released on bail. CNBC reports that a federal judge in Los Angeles on Friday ordered Thomas Barrack’s release on a $250 million bond “which is among the highest ever set in the world — to be secured by $5 million cash.” Because Barrack, 74, is a billionaire, prosecutors feared that he would be a flight risk.

“It also includes restrictions on Barrack, who will be fitted with an electronic bracelet, GPS monitoring, in addition to being subject to a curfew and to the surrender of his passport,” the outlet reports. “Barrack was identified as a billionaire on the Forbes richest list in 2013, but since then has not appeared on that roster.”

“The conditions detailed at a hearing in LA federal court where Barrack’s co-defendant and business associate Matthew Grimes was ordered released on a $5 million bond,” the report continues.

“Both men had been in jail in Los Angeles since Tuesday when an indictment against them and a third defendant was unsealed in Brooklyn federal court,” the outlet notes.

Barrack, and three others, are “accused of acting and conspiring to act as agents of the UAE between April 2016 and April 2018. The indictment also charges Barrack with obstruction of justice and making multiple false statements during a June 20, 2019, interview with federal law enforcement agents.”

It would seem to me that he’s still a flight risk. I don’t know, maybe he should book a flight into space with all the other billionaires on a dick rocket, and they can colonize. I’m just trying to help.

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