Report Claimed Junior Was Known As “Diaper Don” In College For The Same Reason His Dad Apparently Is

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed recently, Donald Trump has been dominating social media with trends and stories and one photo in particular making waves across the world wide web. However, it’s not just his coronavirus response that’s getting him all the attention.

No. Folks, Donald has been trending on social media because he seems to have been caught pissing his pants.

And frankly, this isn’t the first time something like this has popped up. Over the years, Donald has been accused several times of incontinence so severe that he depends on Depends.

But with all the attention it’s garnered today, another interesting report has resurfaced alleging that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

According to Vanity Fair senior reporter Emily Jane Fox’s book, Born Trump, Donald and his eldest son share more than just their legal names — evidently the “DiaperDon” hashtag that swept through Twitter and served as one of number 45’s newest nicknames was originally granted to Donald’s eldest son who had a habit of getting so black-out drunk during college that he regularly urinated on himself.

Don Jr., during his time as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, apparently earned himself quite the reputation as a partier, often passing out in friends’ dorm rooms and wetting their beds.

“Diaper Don would wake up in some stranger’s dorm room or off-campus apartment or bedroom in his frat house, covered in piss, walk back to his own room, and get blitzed that evening or the next anew,” Fox wrote in her book.

As expected, Junior has denied these claims through a spokesperson who stated to PEOPLE magazine, “Both of these ‘claims’ are simply false. Don, who [was at the time] 40 years old, would be the first to admit that he enjoyed college, that said, both of these stories just aren’t true.”

However, even Junior himself has admitted in the past that he had a rather severe drinking problem.

It seems the Trump crew may need to take stock in the adult diaper industry at this rate.

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