Report Claimed The Police Showed Up At Kellyanne Conway’s House After A Screaming Match Between Her And Her Daughter Was Caught On Video Footage


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Donald Trump spent Joe Biden’s inauguration day pouting with the family in Florida after his dud of a “send-off.” His former close advisor, Kellyanne Conway, spent the day with the cops.

With all that’s been going on lately, I’m not sure if you caught it or not — but Claudia Conway, the daughter of Trump’s former advisor Kellyanne and former Lincoln Project member George Conway, recently posted yet another video to her social media, depicting the seemingly toxic and abusive home she lives in with her parents.

In the video posted to TikTok, a woman that we’re assuming to be Kellyanne, based on the sound of her voice and Claudia’s confirmation that it’s her mother, can be heard saying, “F**k you, f**k you. It’s over, it’s over — I don’t care who’s following you, dumba**.”

Later in the video, the same woman can be heard saying, “I can get you taken out of here today. You don’t f**king listen — what the f**k is wrong with you?”

According to a report from OK! Magazine, Kellyanne was seen speaking with two officers on inauguration day, allegedly in connection to the abuse allegations, Claudia made against her mother in the viral social media video. The magazine reports that one of the officers could be heard suggesting that Kellyanne shut off Claudia’s access to the internet and take away her phone.

This is far from the first time Claudia has posted abuse allegations against her mother to social media. In a video from last year, the woman we assume to be Kellyanne can be heard saying that people can’t catch COVID-19 from the president and referring to someone as an “ungrateful b***h.” Claudia has also asserted in one of her videos that her mother physically abuses her by hitting her.

All of the videos that have been posted by the teen have been edited, but it appears only in the capacity of meeting the 60-second time limit for TikTok’s platform.

Claudia has said that officers visited her while she was home alone and says she told them she didn’t feel she was in any immediate danger at the time, apparently leading to the follow-up well check on Wednesday.

“She’s probably going to publicly say that she’s not abusive and whatnot, but that’s what manipulators do and narcissists,” the Conway teen said in one of her videos. “I’m not looking for attention. I’m not looking for anything. I’m in a situation that’s really physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive and I think it’s important that everybody sees that.”

She also asserts that she has been truthful about the mistreatment she’s received from her mother and that her actions are not that of a “rebellious teen.”

“They like to call me a rebellious teenager, or whatever, who’s making up s**t, but I’m not. I’m not making up anything I’m just telling my side of the story and showing what I have and I’m not trying to cause anything,” Claudia says. “I just think it was important to make that public.”

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