Trump Confidently Declared Himself The 47th President While Playing Golf In Ridiculous Video That Made The Rounds On Social Media

Oh, good grief.

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For all the hustle and bustle and drama (especially between himself and FL’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis) one-term, twice-impeached former guy Donald Trump has yet to fully commit to a 2024 White House run. He has publicly claimed that it would somehow be against the law for him to do so, though many Americans and experts have heavily speculated that Trump’s reluctance to commit to a third stab at the presidency has a whole lot less to do with the legality of the matter and a whole lot more to do with a heady combination of his enormous ego and the fact that he doesn’t want his cash flow to be beholden to campaign finance laws any sooner than it has to be.

But nevertheless, in spite of his serious reluctance to make up his damn mind, Trump has regularly hinted at what we all know to be true — there’s no way in Hell that guy isn’t going to run for president again in 2024. His ego and power-hungry mentality just will not let him sit this one out. We all know it, his people all know, and he knows it.

In fact, he’s saying so himself.

A clip of the disgraced ex-president quickly went viral all over social media, as Trump appeared to be seen playing golf at one of his clubs, where he went on to cockily declare himself the 47th President of the United States.

In the video, the individual behind the camera is following Donald Trump around as he plays the course, introducing Donald to viewers as the “45th president of the United States.”

“Forty-fifth and 47th,” Trump arrogantly replies to the cameraman, rather seriously, before haughtily returning to his game. His response, of course, was quick to garner claps and cheers from all the brown-nosing sycophants he keeps himself surrounded with.

Look, there’s just no denying that this guy isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s imperative at this point that we absolutely do not let our guard down.

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