Report Claimed Trump May Be Withholding His Endorsement For GOP Senate Candidate Because He’s Obsessed With Rumors Of The Man’s “Weirdo” Sex Habits

I'm sorry... WHAT?!

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Here lately, Donald Trump has been all about the perceived power of his potential political endorsements (say that 6 times fast.) As he does with pretty much everything about himself, he’s of the firm belief that his mere political support is worth its weight in gold to any incumbent or candidate who’s lucky enough to get one.

But as it turns out, it seems that his decision-making process when it comes to who gets those endorsements and who doesn’t may actually have a whole lot less to do with politics and a whole lot more to do with his apparent sickeningly bizarre obsession with their sex lives.

According to a recent report from The Daily Beast, one Ohio Republican Senate candidate has been trying his damndest to rope in a Trump endorsement for an open US Senate seat but he’s been left with his hand out and empty for quite some time as the former president is reportedly not only simply not a big fan of the guy, but apparently has a seriously strange obsession with a variety of rumors regarding the man’s sexual habits.

Former Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel has been leading the charge in the state’s race for the Republican nomination to replace outgoing GOP Senator Rob Portman — complete with all kinds of MAGA-like rhetoric, “values,” and platforms.

But he’s still not managed to lock in the endorsement of the guy he so admires, and the Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng and Jackie Kucinich say that it’s because Trump is far too obsessed with the steady stream of rumors he’s being fed regarding Mandel’s bedroom habits.

Mandel is apparently already a notch down on Trump’s list because the ex-president thinks that he’s a “weirdo.”

“One reason for the hold-up is that Trump—who has long been addicted to dishing tabloid-style gossip and dirt—has for months told people close to him that he thinks Mandel is a charisma-free weirdo and dork, according to three sources who’ve spoken to Trump about Mandel and the Ohio contest since last year,” the report reads, adding, “In recent months, these sources said, the onetime leader of the free world has even spent an inordinate amount of time gossiping with a large array of advisers and close associates about unconfirmed details of Mandel’s sex life. Trump has privately regurgitated, often in disgust, a wide range of unverified, often completely unvetted, and lurid rumors about the MAGA candidate.”

One source close to Trump himself said, “The [former] president has used the term ‘f*cking weird’ to describe Josh Mandel more than once, when I have spoken to him about [Mandel]. He has talked about [Mandel] and sex in the same sentence more times than I would have liked to hear.”

The report goes on to add that a television-obsessed Trump doesn’t feel that the Ohio GOP Senate hopeful has the appearance or demeanor to be successful in his endeavor because of the way he comes across on TV.

“Having met with and talked to Mandel, Trump felt there was just something about Mandel and his personality that rubbed him the wrong way. Also, the former president and current leader of the Republican Party has sensed a conspicuous dearth of ‘charisma’ coming from this particular GOP Senate hopeful,” the Beast reports.

Former White House press secretary and close personal friend of Melania Trump, who turned on the family in recent years, weighed in on the subject, saying Trump’s issues with Mandel come as no surprise to her.

“In my experience, Donald Trump is a hungry gossip for all things, including very personal details of people’s lives,” Grisham said. “When I worked for him in the White House, he had no problem bringing up or asking about supposed details of the personal lives of prominent politicians or other famous people, even his own staff. It is ironic that someone like Donald Trump, who has been accused of all kinds of sexual misconduct, would care to gossip so much about these matters, but… that’s just who he is.”

You can read the full, bizarre report here.

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