Report Claims Jared And Ivanka Are Trying To Get Away From Trump Because He Won’t Stop Spouting Election Lies

They've had it.

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner haven’t really been spotted hanging out with former President Donald Trump since he lost the election to Joe Biden. As CNN’s Kate Bennett puts it, the nepotistic couple has made a calculated decision to distance themselves from Trump. Bennett says that the couple rarely sees the former president and only occasionally speaks to him on the phone. She said it’s a real separation caused by Trump’s election lies. And for sure, Trump has surrounded himself with conspiratorial extremists instead of grounding himself in reality.

“This is clearly a former president who cannot move on, who continues to talk about, you know, everything from who betrayed him on a late-night comedy sketch show to the election that he still claims is, you know — was not accurate,” Bennett said. “So, Jared and Ivanka were with him all the time, so much so that they were coined the Javanka term. This is interesting.”

“They do not want to be around, nor do they want to be in the orbit of this continued not being able to move on, not being able to let go,” she continued. “And they’ve made a very calculated and thoughtful decision to back away and not spend as much time with the former president who, of course, also happens to be Ivanka’s father and Jared Kushner’s father-in-law.”

“One person described it to my colleague on the story, Gabby Orr, saying it’s sort of like the parent who less and less stays in daycare in the morning dropping off their child,” she added. “Slowly, Jared and Ivanka backed away and left Trump up to his own abilities with people around him that are varying in terms of scope and conspiracy theories and people who listen to him and his rhetoric as he continues to not be able to let go of the 2020 election.”


Ivanka has always been described as Donald Trump’s favorite spawn, but apparently, that’s now an unrequited love. Trump didn’t just recently start acting unhinged. He’s been this way for years, so she had to see this coming. At least Jared got a book deal out of all of this. That’s more than the twice-impeached one-term president got.

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