Report Claims Trump Campaign Allegedly Raised $250 Million After The Election For The “Official Election Defense Fund” Which Didn’t Exist

When is enough enough?

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The January 6th House Select Committee is currently exposing Donald Trump in the worst kind of way.

With their public hearings officially back underway today, the Committee has now blown the lid off of a disgusting scam by the now ex-president, who allegedly raised a stagger $250 million-plus through emails he peddled to his supporters pushing the baseless, debunked Big Lie and voter fraud conspiracy theories. Trump and his campaign told his supporters that the money they donated would go towards an “official election defense fund.” The January 6th House Select Committee discovered that this supposed election defense fund quite literally does not exist.

The revelation was brought to light by California Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who said during her closing statement today, “Now that we understand the litigation efforts by President Trump and his allies, I would like to present additional action taken by the Trump campaign during this time.”

“President Trump continued to push the stolen election narrative even though he and his allies knew that their litigation efforts making the same claim had failed. It is worth pointing out that litigation generally does not continue past the safe harbor date of December 14th,” Lofgren added.

“But the fact that this litigation went on, well that decision makes more sense when you consider the Trump campaign’s fund-raising tactics. Because if the litigation had stopped on December 14th, there would have been no fight to defend the election, and no clear path to continue to raise millions of dollars.”

“Mr. Chairman, at this time I would ask for unanimous consent to include in the record a video presentation describing how President Trump used the lies he told to raise millions of dollars from the American people. These fund-raising schemes were also part of the effort to disseminate the false claims of election fraud,” the Democratic House Rep. and January 6th Panel member continued before playing a clip before the Committee.

“I am Amanda Wick, senior investigative counsel, at the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the United States capitol,” the clip played by Lofgren began.

Wick revealed that the Trump campaign sent quite literally millions of emails to the now ex-president’s supporters, sometimes upwards of 25 emails a day. In the emails, Trump would claim that the “left-wing mob” was destroying the integrity of the US election and called on his supporters to “step up to protect the integrity of the election,” and encouraged them to “fight back.”

“As the Select Committee has demonstrated, the Trump campaign knew these claims of voter fraud were false and yet continue to barrage small-dollar donors in emails encouraging them to donate to something called ‘the official election defense fund,'” Wick went on to add.

“The select committee discovered no such fund existed,” Wick stated before playing additional clips from various other depositions, showing Trump campaign insiders personally describing the “official election defense fund” as “marketing tactics.”

“The claims the election was stolen were so successful that President Trump and his allies raise $250 million. Nearly $100 million in the first week after the election,” Wick added.

“On November 9th, 2020, President Trump created a separate entity called the Save America PAC,” she stated, explaining where the money actually went.

“The select committee discovered that the Save America PAC made millions of dollars of contributions to pro-Trump organizations,” Wick revealed, noting that the donations ended up going as far as former “Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ charitable foundation” and the “Trump Hotel Collection.”

Unfortunately, the rules surrounding PAC funds are extremely lax and do allow for the personal use of the money on expenses.

“The evidence developed by the Select Committee highlights how the Trump campaign aggressively pushed false election claims to fundraise, telling supporters it would be used to fight voter fraud that did not exist. The emails continued through January 6th, even as President Trump spoke on the Ellipse. 30 minutes after the last email was sent, the Capitol was breached,” Wick concluded as the clip ended.

“Every American is entitled and encouraged to participate in our process. Political fund-raising is part of that,” Lofgren blistered in her finishing remarks.

“Small-dollar donors use scarce disposable income to support candidates and causes of their choosing, to make their voices heard, and those donors deserve the truth about what those funds would be used for.”

“Throughout the committee investigation, we found evidence that the Trump campaign and its surrogates misled donors as to where their funds would go and what they would be used for. So not only was there the ‘big lie,’ there was the ‘big rip-off.’ Donors deserve to know where there funds are going and they deserve better than what President Trump and his team did.”

Are these supporters of his done being scammed yet? When is enough enough?

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