Report Claims Trump Personally Asked If Tanks Could Be Used To Break Up Protests

He is seriously obsessed with killing Americans in all sorts of brutal ways.

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It appears that Donald Trump not only wanted to use troops against American citizens protesting in the streets, but tanks and aircraft as well.

As he spoke in the Rose Garden this week and threatened to turn the military loose upon the country, police and the National Guard were busy teargassing protesters and shooting them with rubber bullets to clear a path for Trump to walk to a church for a photo-op and propaganda video at a church.

Trump has repeatedly demanded that states call in the National Guard to violently put down protests and has threatened to give the order himself. But it turns out that Trump wanted more than just troops on the streets.

Three Pentagon officials revealed that Trump personally asked about using tanks and aircraft against protesters as well, but not before they threw Trump under the bus for pushing for use of military force.

“[I]t was the White House, not the Defense Department, that was pushing for active military might in the streets,” the officials said according to The Daily Beast. “In particular, the president has pressed aides and Pentagon officials for graphic details on the kind of armored vehicles, military units, aircraft, and even ‘tanks’ that they could potentially send to maintain order in U.S. areas rocked by protests and rioting, according to two people familiar with recent discussions.”

Just think about that for a minute. In fact, you really shouldn’t need that much time. Trump literally asked about using tanks against the American people. You know, like the Chinese government did at Tienanmen Square in 1989.

As you can imagine, tanks cause a lot of damage, not just to human bodies, but to property as well. The collateral damage would be unthinkable.

And just what kind of aircraft did Trump have in mind? Could it be fighter jets? Apache helicopters? Perhaps bombers? You know, kind of like when racist whites used planes to attack a black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma back in 1921 to put down a protest. Regardless of which kind of aircraft used, people would certainly be killed and large swaths of property destroyed.

The United States would truly be a war zone if these military vehicles came into play. This is why Trump is too dangerous to be president, and we can only hope that the military would refuse any order to deploy them.

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