Reporter Asked A “Many People Are Saying” Question And Jen Psaki Was Not Having It

She is so good at this.

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Former President Donald Trump frequently framed his most controversial comments to say “many people are saying,” or his speeches featured ‘sir stories’ without naming the alleged individuals.  “People think” or “some say” were favorites of the twice-impeached former president. We all got used to Trump’s rhetoric, so it was easy to weed out the bullshit, and there was a lot of that. Well, Trump is out of power now, and so are his press secretaries paid liars. Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kayleigh McEnany are out of the picture, and now we have Jen Psaki, who doesn’t take anyone’s shit, but she does it with grace and ease.

CBS radio reporter Steven Portnoy asked Psaki a “many people are saying” question during the press briefing on Wednesday, and she wasn’t having it.


Psaki told Portnoy, “You know, I’m going to have to ask you who is saying that.” The CBS radio reporter insisted that “There are plenty of people who are saying it. They are not just Republicans.” Of course, he didn’t name names.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration issued a new limited freeze that will remain in effect through October 3rd, just days after a national eviction moratorium expired. Portnoy tried to paint Biden as inconsistent. Psaki told Portnoy that this is “different than the national moratorium,” and Biden felt more comfortable with it. The Biden administration previously said it didn’t have the legal authority to issue such a measure, but this one is different, as Psaki mentioned.

President Biden has asked state and local governments to extend or pass eviction moratoriums themselves, and there are still billions of dollars in rental assistance aid available. If Portnoy is referring to progressives, they’re pretty happy about Biden’s move to extend the moratorium. But we’ll never know who the “many” people are that are saying it since he didn’t name them.

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