Reporter Confronts Don Jr. About His Meeting With Russian Diplomat

Junior is such a douche.

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When Donald Trump Jr. was confronted at the Chez Vachon diner in Manchester, New Hampshire by a reporter over his meeting with a Russian emissary before the election, he, of course, managed to squeak out something about Hunter Biden. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son seems to be sharing space in Junior’s noggin with Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC analyst and Mother Jones D.C. bureau chief David Corn posted a video of him confronting Junior, asking him about the infamous meeting in which he tried to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. The Trump administration is trying to turn something that was considered incredibly taboo into something normal, so the question was appropriate.


Kimberly Guilfoyle, who Junior was possibly banging before he divorced the mother of his children in 2018, lied to Corn, claiming that Don Jr. was not told that the Russian emissary was part of a Russian government effort to help the Trump campaign in 2016. But, Corn has the receipts.

Guilfoyle tried to verbally swat Corn away, and use her eye-squinting skills that she shares with Melania Trump, both of whom seemed to coincidentally acquire them after another plastic surgery procedure.

Special counsel Robert Mueller confirmed that Junior was the only Trump associate to participate in the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between the Trump campaign and Russian individuals. Donnie Jr. was not questioned by investigators on Mueller’s team. Donald Trump Jr. should be asked that question by every reporter when he’s not in his Fox News bubble. Junior doesn’t even have the mettle to do what’s right so reporters need to be all up in that — before committing crimes becomes normal behavior.

Because what daddy Trump and his son did to Hillary Clinton in 2016 is exactly what they are trying to do to Joe Biden in 2020.

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