Reporter Exposed Trump’s Deeply Disturbing Relationship With His Youngest Son Exposed; Donald “Doesn’t Get Along With,” Barron “Has Become A Major Issue In His Marriage”

I honestly feel so bad for Barron.

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Donald Trump’s children have recently found themselves embroiled in the scandal of a lifetime, all of their dear daddy’s making, after the ex-president was formally charged with a staggering 37 criminal counts in DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith’s stolen document investigation. That is, of course, added to the multiple historical charges lodged against Donald in the infamous Manhattan Stormy Daniels hush money case.

Suffice it to say, all of the Trump spawns are currently being faced with the decision of whether or not they’re going to stick by dear ole dad’s side through a mess of legal trouble that could end up earning Donald a genuine, long-term sentence behind bars.

While it’s certainly a bit of a grab bag among the Trump kids — with Junior remaining staunchly devout to his dear old dad while Ivanka pulls away as hard as she can as Tiffany seems to try to creep into her spot, all while Eric hangs around half clueless and taking orders from the more important family members — it’s Barron that everyone sort of wonders about. He’s the one Trump kid that, thanks to his mama bear mother, hasn’t truly found himself caught up in the mess of it all.

While we definitely can’t say with any certainty whether or not Barron is supportive of his corrupt, scandal-ridden father, I do think it’s relatively safe to theorize that if any of Donald’s kids will bail on dear ole dad, it’s probably going to be Barron — if for no other reason than the fact that Donnie apparently doesn’t like his youngest kid all that much.

Back in 2019, as he was promoting his new tell-all book — Siege: Trump Under Fire — journalist Michael Wolff made an appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, where he discussed some of the details he had learned of the ex-president’s private life. More specifically, Donald’s relationship, or lack thereof, with his youngest son.

“What did you gather about — about Donald Trump’s life within his own family from that kind of information?” O’Donnell asked at the time.

What Wolff proceeded to reveal honestly left us feeling extremely sad for Barron Trump:

It’s the strangest family on — the most dysfunctional family, and strangely the most dedicated family. They’re dedicated to a man who really could care less about them. I mean, he’s terrible to both of his sons. His other daughter, Tiffany, barely exists. His young son, Barron, who theoretically lives with him, has become a major issue in his marriage.

I think there are many issues. But this is a major issue because he really doesn’t — he doesn’t get along with his son, he doesn’t communicate with his son, he doesn’t — his son is effectively not at all a part of his life, even though he lives with him.”

Frankly, I hope Barron finds a way to get out while he still can.

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