Reporter Outside Of Trump’s Iowa Rally Calls It A “Logistical Sh*tshow,” Details Apparent Chaos

Calling it a shitshow is being nice.

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Donald Trump’s ego-rallies don’t seem well-prepared lately with overflowing toilets and MAGA supporters leaving garbage everywhere. In addition to leaving a disgusting mess behind at his MAGA hat-fests, there’s a lengthy list of cities that have been stiffed by Trump’s campaign for the costs incurred during a rally. In late October of last year, the Trump campaign owed over $1 million in outstanding bills.

Washington Correspondent for New York Magazine Olivia Nuzzi took to Twitter to describe Trump’s rally in Iowa as a “shitshow.” The press was forced to wait outside for over an hour in 30-degree weather while staffers intermittently came out and yelled at the reporters, before permanently shutting the doors.

From there, Nuzzi described the common practices at Trump’s rallies.

It gets worse.

Trump supporters love seeing the press treated like shit.

Perhaps that Trumpster didn’t read Nuzzi’s entire thread. As she noted, an elderly couple had tickets, and yet, they were denied entry and left out in the cold, too. Cruelty is the point with this administration, and so is chaos.

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