Reporter Takes To Twitter, Claims Right-Wing DC Rally Has Low Turnout: “The Crowd Is Press”

How sad.

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The ‘Justice for 6’ right-wing rally in Washington, DC —  in support of the jailed insurrectionists that were arrested after the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol — brought a new wave of concern about more potential violence on Capitol Hill as law enforcement prepared for a variety of scenarios, while outside, fencing was reinstalled. Former Trump campaign staffer Matt Braynard organized the event that’s underway right now. While Republicans have tried to distance themselves from the rally, it does have some support. “White Lives Matter” has reportedly advertised global demonstrations for September 18 and has supported the January 6 insurrectionists online. However, it doesn’t have a DC chapter.

While it was being reported earlier in the day that the event might have a dismal showing, Braynard told the Washington Post on Friday, “Already this rally is a success,” adding that “there’s going to be so much media,” before claiming. “It’s not really a numbers game; it’s a message game.”

Sure, buddy, go with that.


It doesn’t appear that the rally has many attendees, according to Andrew Beaujon of the Washingtonian. There is, however, a lot of press there to cover the event. And if former President Donald Trump is watching the spectacle from home, he will likely be very disappointed.

Lots of reporters!


That’s kind of sad.

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