Republican Academy Award Winning Actor Now Says He May Not Vote For Trump’s Re-Election

He was once a huge voice for Trump.

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Whether Trump wants to admit it or not, his base of supporters is quickly dwindling as November’s presidential election gets closer and closer.

Donald’s overall support has been on a downhill slide in the polls for a while as a result of a plethora of decisions that even the most conservative nutcase couldn’t get behind — such as the situations with the Kurds or Iran.

However, now that Donald is going toe to toe with what is essentially a Democratic version of himself, many of his once staunch defenders are now seeing what they feel is an acceptable out from the Trump administration — in the form of billionaire Democratic candidate, Michael Bloomberg.

World-renowned, Academy Award-winning actor Clint Eastwood has long been a rare conservative mind among Hollywood elites, serving as a very vocal supporter of Donald Trump’s in the beginning. However, a recent tell-all interview with the Wall Street Journal seems to signal that he’s no longer such a big fan.

“The best thing we could do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there,” Eastwood declared in the interview.

The actor went on to offer up his commendation for “certain things that Trump’s done” but quickly backed that up with a call to action for the president to act “in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names. I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level.”

“The politics has gotten so ornery,” Eastwood lamented of the overall ambiance surrounding politics as a whole heading into the impending election.

The Award-winning actor went on to offer his support, albeit a watered-down proclamation of it, for the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, stating that “The #MeToo generation has its points” before going on to express his admiration for the women “standing up against people who are trying to shake you down for sexual favors.”

He went on to admit that sexual harassment has long been a big issue in the Hollywood environment. “It was very prolific back in the 1940s and ’50s,” adding, “and the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s…”

While Eastwood didn’t give a rousing “Dump Trump!” in the interview, he did make it strikingly clear that he’s joining the ranks of thousands of other conservative minds who are eager to step away from the massive mistake that is a Donald Trump presidency.

And let me tell you now, that doesn’t bode well for Donald.

You can read the full interview here.

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