Republican Military Veterans Have Had Enough, Attack Donald Trump In New Ad That Will Reportedly Air On Fox News In Swing States

This is BRUTAL!

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With November’s presidential election just a few months away now, and Congress showing absolutely no signs of running with Donald Trump’s insane and tyrannical idea of putting it off, it’s pretty safe to say that our lives are fairly saturated with campaign ads.

They’re all over virtually every social media platform, airing on tv every time you turn it on, and filling your car every time you flip on the radio.

Honestly, they get a little old sometimes.

Even the ones campaigning against Donald Trump have started to feel like the same old thing over and over again — rightfully so, in their defense, as the guy just keeps doing the same horrendous things over and over again. But nevertheless, the campaign fatigue is real when you’re dying to just get the guy out of office already before he succeeds in getting us all killed.

However, every once in a while, an ad will drop that really hits home and makes waves, even in today’s climate. And this was one of them.

A new attack ad featuring Republicans who have served in the US military is geared up to hit Trump where it hurts when it airs on Fox News, in swing states, during the Republican National Convention that’s set to take place later this month.

The scathing ad from Republican Voters Against Trump features a compilation of testimonies from several Republican veterans who are tossing out their MAGA hats and preparing to cast their votes for Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The blistering ad is scheduled to run on Trump’s beloved Fox News Network where millions of conservative viewers tune in every day, during the convention. The spot will air in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida — all of which Trump won in the 2016 election, but are showing a pretty secure vote for Biden this year, according to polls.

Republican Voters Against Trump is just one of many Republican groups who have made it their mission to unseat Donald Trump.

You can watch the fiery ad here:

Featured image via Flickr/The White House 

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