Retiring GOP Congressman Attacks Trump On Twitter After POTUS Trashes Republicans Who Lost Midterms

This Republican has HAD IT with Trump.

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Donald Trump’s behavior today has been terrible and can be seen as a direct response to the Democratic victory in the midterm elections. Now that the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives, Trump is more worried than ever about his future, and he’s taking it out on his fellow Republicans.

During a press conference earlier today, Trump went off the rails and attacked GOPers who didn’t “embrace” his support and lost their House seats to Democrats. This has disgusted many conservatives, one being  retiring GOP Rep. Ryan Costello, who blasted Trump on social media.

Costello, who no longer gives a damn since he’s retiring, trashed Trump on Twitter. Linking to a video of Trump’s remarks at the press conference, he said:

Different people can be disgusted by different things. This is one such thing for me.”

Costello also let loose on the president, stating that GOPers representing “tough seats” have been dealing with “harassment and filth spewed” at them “every day” for the last few years thanks to Trump. Costello said the president’s behavior “angers me to my core.”

It’s nice to see Republicans acknowledging how toxic Trump is to the party and America. As Trump unravels further under the pressure, we can only expect to see more of this.

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