Right-Wing Nutcase And Author Claims Trump Was “The Greatest Baseball Player In New York,” But Social Media Kept All The Humiliating Receipts

You mean the guy that once treated a baseball like a hot potato?

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Donald Trump has loooong been trying to convince everyone who will listen that he’s the very best at everything. All the things in the world, he’s the very best at them. Others may be good, but he’s better. No one is better than him. He does all the things better than any and everyone else.


As if Trump’s personal delusions weren’t unhinged and insane enough all on their own, the man has somehow managed to successfully cultivate a cult following that not only believes these off-the-wall claims of his, they actually peddle it all themselves. Trump could pop up on Truth Social or a Hannity segment right this moment and declare to the world that he was not only the first man to ever set foot on the moon, but he was better at it than any other man who set foot on the moon after him, and you can bet your bottom dollar, you’d find social media chock full of endless posts talking about how big Trump’s footprints were, with the hashtag, “Make The Moon Great Again!”

I don’t know how he pulled it off, but this washed-up, narcissistic conman managed to farm himself a following that would 100 percent, without a shadow of a doubt, drink the Kool-aide — with or without prior knowledge of the cyanide. In all honestly, they’d probably just think it was the newest cure for COVID. Lightbulbs and anal lube can be found to the left.

It’s kind of funny even, in that existential “we’re all going to die, aren’t we?” kind of way. But despite the hilarity, I am absolutely, in my heart of hearts, serious.

And with that, I give you Exhibit A.

Nick Adams is “an Australian-born American conservative political commentator and author,” born Nicholas Adamopoulos — but I suppose that didn’t sound white enough.

Adams’ “claim to fame” was a handful of favorable tweets from Donald Trump in 2017, after the then-president dubbed the Right-wing nutcase’s book, Green Card Warrior, a must-read.

Allow me to introduce you to this winner:

Yea. ‘Nuf said, right?

Personally, I really would have thought that Kid Rock humdinger was about as bad as it could get. But it’s not. It’s really not.

Over the weekend, Adams blessed up with this unhinged tangent:

He’s talking about the same dude who fumbled a baseball like it was a hot potato.

When I tell you Twitter kept all of the humiliating receipts that prove otherwise, I mean it:

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Welp. That was fun for me. Was it fun for you?

Featured image via Flickr/Trump White House Archives

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