Ron DeSantis Pegs Democratic Voting Tactics “Corrupt As Hell,” Only To Immediately Question, “Why Aren’t We Doing It?”

Ron is saying the quiet part out loud.

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Highly controversial Republican Florida Governor and MAGA copycat Ron DeSantis seemed to inadvertently tattle on himself this week, during a new interview with ultra-right-wing podcast host Charlie Kirk on Real America’s Voice, where Ron positively railed against “corrupt as Hell” voting practices that he says Democrats are wrongfully utilizing, only to turn tail in the same breath and question why Republicans aren’t also using these same “corrupt” practices while they can.

During the interview, Kirk raised the question with DeSantis of whether or not Republicans should “embrace early voting [and] ballot harvesting” — the very same tactics that the GOP governor regularly rails against Democrats for allegedly employing.

DeSantis was quick to devolve into a rant about how his state has banned the practice of so-called ballot harvesting and raged against something he called “Zuckerbucks,” a common right-wing phrase that encompasses any private donations to help fuel and run elections.

But despite all these ravings against these “corrupt” practices, DeSantis pretty much said the quiet part out loud when he almost immediately questioned why his party wasn’t also utilizing the tactics.

“I think Zuckerbucks is corrupt as hell, but if it’s legal and the Democrats are doing it, why aren’t we doing it?” DeSantis begged the question. “I would say ban ballot harvesting and do all that. But if it’s not banned, you need to do it because, otherwise, we’re fighting with one hand tied behind our back.”

“Now, you can support reforms,” Ron continued. “I don’t think you should have mass mail balloting. And early voting, even though we did very well, I kind of like election day.”

If you can depend on anything in this world, you can depend on the fact that, at the end of the day, Republicans are going to tell on themselves.

See the clip of Ron DeSantis’ interview here:

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