Rudy Giuliani’s Attorney Dumped Him Because “He’s Not Cooperating, And He’s Not Paying Me”

Things aren't going well for Rudy right now.

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To be completely frank, Rudy Giuliani is in a real shit fix these days.

The former New York mayor and personal attorney to now ex-President Donald Trump saw his license to practice law suspended in the state of New York back in June of 2021, in direct relation to his blatant and incessant campaign to spread lies and misinformation regarding the 2020 presidential election across Pennsylvania. Suffice it to say, it’s been all downhill ever since for ole Collude-y Rudy.

Just recently, we reported in the bombshell news regarding the new lawsuit against the ex-Trump attorney in the state of New York that reportedly contains a damning audio recording that hears Giuliani making horrifying sexual demands from an employee, as well as multiple other stomach-churning allegations.

Now, it seems Rudy is facing additional legal problems in a separate lawsuit, as his own attorney just dumped him like a sack of rotten potatoes.

According to reporting from The Inquirer, Montgomery County district attorney Bruce Castor, who has recently served as legal representation for the staunch Trump ally in a civil lawsuit, filed a motion with the courts asking to be removed as Rudy Giuliani’s legal representation in the case.

Castor explained his reasoning for the decision, which was very cut and dry and straight to the point: “He’s not cooperating, and he’s not paying me.”

Castor was representing the former Trump attorney in a civil lawsuit lodged against him by a Delaware County voting machine supervisor who alleges in the suit that Rudy’s conspiracy theories and blatant lies regarding the 2020 presidential election resulted in the supervisor becoming a direct target of hatred.

“Castor initially agreed to serve as Giuliani’s local lawyer but a lawyer from Texas was supposed to take over from there. That didn’t happen, and Castor, according to his motion, reluctantly tried to defend Giuliani,” The Inquirer reports. “The motion, which meticulously recounts Castor’s four decades in law and politics, dabbles in a bit of intrigue in two sections.”

Sucks to be him.

Read the full report from The Inquirer here.

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