Sarah Sanders Just Released The Most Idiotic Statement About The Security Clearance Fiasco Yet

Watch as Sarah stumbles her way through more lies for the boss.

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We all know that every time White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders opens her mouth, we should prepare for an outpouring of stupidity. But she may very well have topped her own self this time when she was asked about the Mueller report as well as the security clearance fiasco going on at the White House right now — involving Trump’s very own son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Sarah stood outside the White House for an interview with Fox News today and quickly put her defenses up when questioned about the Mueller report. When confronted about the fact that Democrats don’t seem to be letting go of their fight for the full release of the report Sarah stated, “Look, I think it just shows again what sore losers the Democrats really are.”

She continued, “The president’s been transparent throughout this process. But at the same time, the president wants to allow the Attorney General to do his job… He is letting him do that and we’ll see what happens from this point.”

Sanders sure dodged the bullet in true Trump administration fashion, basically saying that the president wants transparency, but also wants to allow the Attorney General to allow him to redact the hell out of it so the public as well as Congress only actually sees what Trump wants them to.

But that wasn’t even the end of Sarah’s stupidity in this interview. She was later questioned about the security clearance issue within the White House after whistleblower Tricia Newbold went on record admitting that 25 disqualified individuals were granted a dangerous level of security clearance by POTUS against the wishes and advice of several national security experts.

When the conversation shifted to the security clearance issue, Sanders did what she does best yet again — blame the Democrats.

“What I can tell you is Democrats are acting in bad faith throughout this process,” Sarah started. She continually dodged the questions by saying, “I can’t get into talking about individual security clearances here at the White House, because unlike Democrats we want to protect people’s personal, confidential information.”

She wrapped things up by issuing a thinly-veiled threat stating, “What they’re doing is dangerous… It’s sad and shameful…”

It seems most of the Trump administration is running around trying to cover their own butts this morning.

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