Sarah Sanders Mocked Joe Biden’s Stutter During Democratic Debate, Former VP Gets Her To Apologize

Did Joe Biden just become a miracle worker?!

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Yet another round of debates between the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders has gone down in the books tonight. Everything from China’s human rights to where campaign donations are coming from was brought up during the event.

And while the Democratic candidates went head to head, the Republican side of the field made it extremely clear that they’re still more than a little butthurt over their Cheeto-in-chief’s fresh impeachment and they seem to be resorting to the only tactics they know — being big, fat bullies.

In case you weren’t aware, Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden — who’s demolishing Trump in a plethora of different polls at this point and is considered such a threat by the current president that he literally got himself impeached in the process of trying to screw the guy over with some political dirt that doesn’t even exist — has suffered his entire life with a stutter.

While it doesn’t cause him too much trouble these days, the former VP is still very passionate about the subject and it appears that shitbag Republicans weren’t about to miss the opportunity to latch onto it when Biden brought it up in reference to another boy’s stutter during the debates tonight.

Several GOPers, including Trump’s own son, Eric Trump, had something to say about Biden’s speech struggles this evening. But one particular GOPer’s attack was so cruel that it garnered a response from the Democratic contender himself.

“I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I hhave absolutely no idea what Biden is talking about,” the former press secretary’s now dirty-deleted tweet read this evening, complete with the hashtag, #DemDebate.

But Sarah didn’t manage to wipe that tweet off the internet before screenshots were grabbed and Biden himself caught wind of the bullying tactic.

Replying to Sanders’ tweet, Biden penned a few characters of his own, calling the former press secretary out on her unnecessary cruelty.

“I’ve worked my whole life to overcome a stutter. And it’s my great honor to mentor kids who have experienced the same. It’s called empathy. Look it up,” Biden’s tweet read, captioning the now-deleted attack from Sanders.

And evidently, in addition to serving as a mentor to kids who struggle with a stutter, Joe Biden is also a miracle worker. Because somehow, some way, he managed to get Sarah Huckabee Sanders to issue a public apology.

“I actually didn’t know that about you and that is commendable,” Sarah wrote, replying to Biden’s tweet. “I apologize and should have made my point respectfully.”

Your apology is all well and fine, Sanders. But have you considered not being a bullying fuckstick to start with? Because believe it or not, that is actually an option.

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