Sean Hannity Appear Furious After His Name Is Tied To Ukraine Scandal, Says “Stop Lying About Me”

Awww. Poor Sean has a mad.

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Ol’ Sean Hannity, Trump’s BFF over there at Fox News has decided he’s madder than Hell and he ain’t gonna take it no more. Or, rather, he’s going to pitch a big hissy about it over Twitter just like Donnie taught him because evidently being a Republican automatically comes with the inability to process an emotion without the aid of social media — their need to have their every emotional whim validated far supersedes their desire to sound like sane human beings, you know?

As a result, Hannity, who’s been reported to have regular nightly phone calls with Donald Trump, has taken to his Twitter account to let the whole world know that he’s really mad about being dragged into Donald’s Ukraine scandal that has now resulted in his formal impeachment inquiry.

He really just wants you all to “stop lying” about him, okay?

Hannity found himself roped into his best friend’s ordeal when not one, but two different key impeachment witnesses, former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent mentioned the Fox News host in their testimonies to the impeachment inquiry committee.

Both of the witnesses said in their individual hearings that the State Department attempted to get in touch with the TV personality after the claim was made on his show that Ms. Yovanovitch had “bad mouthed the president” — an allegation that had no merit and came just shortly before her untimely termination.

Kent stated in his testimony, “I believe, to the best of my recollection, the counselor for the Department, Ulrich Brechbuhl, reached out and suggested to Mr. Hannity that if there was no proof of the allegations, that he should stop covering them.”

Both of the witnesses’ testimonies back the other up, with Yovanovitch claiming she was told that Mike Pompeo may reach out to the Fox News personality over the unfounded claims.

And Hannity is really mad about it — taking to his Twitter account to blow his stack and label the claims as well as Kent’s testimony as “More lies & Fake news.”

“I never ever spoke to Sec Pompeo or anyone else at the State Dept. about Ukraine,” he wrote on his social media page. “I’ve never even heard the names of the people mentioned from State.”

“Also, I never talked to anyone in Ukraine. I don’t know anybody there.”

And then he went full-blown Donald Trump, complete with shouty caps and all:

“Here is a Warning, you have all been told the truth AGAIN!! I STRONGLY ADVISE ALL OF YOU TO STOP LYING ABOUT ME.”

Hannity later doubled down on his mad fit during his show, claiming that Yovanovitch had only been mentioned on his show “four times” in passing before adding, “I would advise you all very strongly, I’m saying this in a nice way. All of you had better stop lying about me, you now have been told the truth again. Stop lying.”

But, of course, he’s a lying ass MAGA and there are literally clips from as recent as March of this year in which Hannity was discussing the former ambassador on his show, despite his claims that he “doesn’t know anything about this woman.”

In all honesty, at this point, all of us over here on this side really don’t even need to do anything to discredit these dimwits. Their stupid is showing all by themselves.

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