Sean Hannity Cut Off An Interview With Donald Trump Jr. Mid-Sentence After It Looked Like Jr. Really Wanted To Respond And It Was Super Awkward


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Now that he’s no longer the President’s Son™ it seems that Donald Trump’s eldest spawn and namesake, Donald Trump Jr., has resolved himself to a life full of unhinged social media rants in front of walls full of guns and shoddy appearances on Fox News as a “political consultant.” Because apparently, you can just call yourself whatever you want these days without actually being qualified for any of it. Go on, call yourself a doctor even though you don’t know an elbow from an eyeball. May as well, right?

Frankly, it’s neither hard work nor honest work, but really, what else would you expect from the likes of Don Jr.? It’s not as though he’ll be sporting a job in those coal mines he’s so eager to talk about any time soon.

But even as he attempts to fill his days with one of the only news outlets willing to talk about his pathetic father these days, it seems as though even Fox News is getting really tired of his bull.

Recently, Junior sat down for his nth appearance on self-proclaimed Trump BFF Sean Hannity’s Fox News segment to talk about whatever nonsense is miffing the Right this time. But it seemed as though Hannity was ready for it to be over with, as he cut the interview off while the eldest Trump spawn appeared to be trying to say something.

In footage of the segment, Hannity is rambling on about some sort of jobs and paychecks or another, all while Jr. kept opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something. Through the clip, Hannity barely took a breath between his words, talking so fast and loud that it almost seemed like he was intentionally trying to keep Junior from getting a word in edge-wise.

When the Fox host finally wrapped up his diatribe, as Jr. continued to nod and try to get a word in, Hannity abruptly wrapped up the interview and cut away from Don’s screen, all while Donald’s eldest son was very clearly mid-sentence, trying to finally weasel in what he was trying to say.

Honestly, there’s no telling if Hannity truly was tired of listening to Don Jr. or if he was just running out of time on his segment because God knows the dude is long-winded. But either way, social media got a kick out of it nonetheless:

Maybe find something else to do for a day or two, Don, huh? Read a book. Fight with Kim. Catch up on Duck Dynasty?

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