See Heart-Warming Video Of 7-Year-Old Girl Walking Again, Full Of Giggles And Smiles, After Catastrophic Tornadoes Left Her Severely Injured, Destroyed Home

Bless her soul.

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In all the destruction and despair left behind in the wake of the series of catastrophic, freak mid-December tornadoes that ravaged the Southeastern and Midwest US recently, one 7-year-old girl is serving as a bright ray of hope and determination during a time where it’s hard to find any at all.

Avalinn Rackley, a young Missouri girl, suffered a broken back during the recent detrimental, deadly tornadoes that took the life of her older sister and left her mother clinging to hers. But new video footage captured by her grandmother this weekend shows the determined 7-year-old donning a neck brace and a walker while making her way down the halls of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

“The floor’s kinda slick,” the sweet little girl can be heard saying in the footage as she walks through the hallway of the Memphis children’s hospital.

Avalinn’s grandmother, Pamela Moore, cheered her on, “Look at you go! Look at you go!” as the severely injured but brave girl kept her spirits high with smiles and giggles during her walk.

On the same day as Avalinn’s walk around the hospital halls, Moore captured a separate video of the 7-year-old drawing a heart around a photo of her with her sister Annistyn, who lost her life in the fatal tornado that swept through five Missouri Valley states just 10 days ago.

“There we go,” the little girl says as she finishes her drawing, while her grandmother fights tears behind the camera, “That’s beautiful, baby. Sisters forever.”

Moore shared both of the clips to her Facebook page, captioning them, “So I’m gonna fill your heart with joy and then break it at the same time (welcome to my world). Physically, Ava is doing amazing. If this last drain comes out, we may get to come home tomorrow. Emotionally, she misses Annistyn.”

In addition to severely injuring Avalinn, the catastrophic tornado swept through the little girl’s Caruthersville home, throwing her, her older sister Annistyn, her 3-year-old sister Alanna, and her mother and father, Meghan and Trey, into a nearby field. The disaster claimed Annistyn’s life, left Avalinn severely injured, and Meghan clinging to her life.

Per a report from The Daily Mail, “Avalinn’s great-aunt, Sandra Hooker, 62, told that Avalinn should be home by the weekend with her grandmother as family members pray for a miracle for her mother, who suffered a severe brain injury and is fighting for her life. ”

See the heartwarming video and additional photos from The Daily Mail here:

Featured image via screen capture 

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