Senator Collins’ Treatment Of US Veteran Who Wants To Speak To Her Is Caught On Camera

Absolutely disgraceful.

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Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins has been digging herself a hole of increasing depth for some time now. Her wishy-washy behavior surrounding Trump’s Senate impeachment trial was more than enough to cause several of her home-state constituents, as well as Americans across the nation, to effectively wash their hands of the weak-kneed, milquetoast Senator whose most robust statement regarding Donald’s criminal behavior was “Well, hopefully, he’s learned his lesson.”

Frankly, it earned her heaps of ire from both sides of the fence, as she never would fully commit to either agenda — leaving Dems disgusted with her willingness to admit that Trump’s actions were wrong but not enough to charge him with his crimes, and the GOPers equally as disappointed that she’d ever admitted that Trump was wrong in the first place.

It’s not left her in a good place. And folks, she does not want to talk about it.

In a new video to make waves on social media, Collins can be seen and heard treating a veteran with Common Defense, a “national grassroots movement of diverse veterans & military families mobilizing against Trump and his dangerous agenda,” with enormous disrespect as he attempted to stop and speak with her.

“Senator Collins, as a Mainer, we would love to see more of you, I feel like constituents don’t feel like they can reach you,” the veteran told the GOP Senator as she already attempted to flee from his questions into a stairwell.

“Well you haven’t called my office,” Collins flippantly responded.

“We have called your office, actually,” the vet replied. “When can we set up a meeting?”

Collins continued to attempt to evade her constituent as she scaled the stairs, who went on to explain that he was from Maine and even offered to show the GOP Senator is driver’s license for proof.

Susan quickly became frustrated with the veteran and began to accuse him of impeding.

But the man stood his ground, stating, “I’m a constituent, I’m not impeding anything. I’m just walking alongside you,” asking, “I’m impeding your way?”

Collins nodded, pointing to a doorway, and said, “I’ve got to go right in here.”

The vet doubled-down, “As a veteran from Maine I’m impeding your way right now?”

“If you want to come by my office and make an appointment, I would be glad to have you do that,” Collins attempted to dismiss him. So the man took her up on the offer by asking, “What time today can we come by?”

To which, of course, the Maine Senator gave no reply before walking away.

These GOPers are supposed to be the party of the military, right? Yet, their members of Congress can’t give a United States veteran the time of day?

I call bull.

You can watch the clip here:

Featured image via screen capture

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