Senior Manhattan Prosecutor Who Came Out Of Retirement To Investigate Trump Said In His Resignation Letter He Believes Ex-President Is “Guilty Of Numerous Felony Violations,” Failing To Hold Him Accountable Is “A Grave Failure Of Justice”

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It seems relatively clear now that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, under the direction of newly-elected Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg Jr., likely will not be moving forward with their investigation of ex-president Donald Trump’s finances with regard to his business, the Trump Organization, nor will they move forward with any charges against the former POTUS.

The seemingly permanent stall in the investigation has ignited quite a hefty amount of backlash against the new AG, and reportedly even resulted in the abrupt resignation of two top prosecutors on the case.

But the situation goes deeper still, as the New York Times has reportedly obtained a copy of Mark F. Pomerantz’s — who actually came out of retirement for the specific purpose of investigating and hopefully charging Donald J. Trump — resignation letter to the Manhattan District Attorney, and it certainly makes the fact that the case has seemed to officially fizzle out that much more grim, now that some light has been shed on the grittiest details.

“One of the senior Manhattan prosecutors who investigated Donald J. Trump believed that the former president was ‘guilty of numerous felony violations’ and that it was ‘a grave failure of justice’ not to hold him accountable, according to a copy of his resignation letter. The prosecutor, Mark F. Pomerantz, submitted his resignation last month after the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, abruptly stopped pursuing an indictment of Mr. Trump,” the Times writes in their report on the top prosecutor’s letter of resignation.

Pomerantz, who formerly served as a prominent, highly-regarded federal prosecutor, said that Attorney General Bragg’s decision to not move forward with the prosecution against the ex-president was “contrary to the public interest.”

Serving to raise even further questions from legal experts, an additional senior prosecutor on the case against Trump, Carey R. Dunne, turned in their resignation on the same day as Pomerantz, presumably for similar reasons.

“Mr. Pomerantz and Mr. Dunne planned to charge Mr. Trump with falsifying business records, specifically his annual financial statements — a felony in New York State,” the New York Times reports.

Mr. Pomerantz’s resignation letter read, “The team that has been investigating Mr. Trump harbors no doubt about whether he committed crimes — he did.”

And yet it seems as though he is suddenly, once again, going to be allowed to get away with it.

Read the full report from the Times here.

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