Senior Member Of Trump’s Cabinet Just Received Subpoena

Another one bites the dust!

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Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry that resulted from his shady phone call with the Ukranian president is finally in full swing. From the looks of things, House Dems are trying to steamroll this whole thing to make sure that Trump has a new home before we all sit down for our holiday dinners in a few weeks.

Despite the fact that Trump’s White House has already indicated that they won’t be participating in the House Dems’ inquiry nor will they be complying with any of the subpoenas issued by Congress — that’s done nothing to stop them from rolling out left and right.

The most recent to be handed a subpoena from Congress regarding Donald’s impeachment inquiry is Energy Secretary (and former presidential candidate) Rick Perry.

As part of the subpoena, Perry is required to send Congress a plethora of documents pertaining to his knowledge of Trump’s Ukraine call that started the impeachment inquiry.

According to the House committees investigating the shady phone call in which Donald tried to extort a foreign government for dirt on his political opponent, Perry allegedly was the one to encourage Trump to make the phone call in the first place.

They are also seeking information regarding whether or not Perry wanted to push the Ukranian government to make changes to the advisory board of Naftogaz, the country’s state-owned oil and gas company.

House Dems are also demanding information surrounding the inauguration of Zelensky, as Perry led the US delegation, as well as requesting all records he has pertaining to “proposed or actual transactions, investments, or projects relating to liquified natural gas (LNG) in Ukraine.”

Perry has already admitted that he asked Donald to make the call that is proving to be his ultimate demise, but he remains adamant that Joe Biden nor his son was ever brought up.

“Not once as God as my witness, not once was a Biden name — not the former vice president, not his son — ever mentioned,” Perry stated to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The subpoena is also asking for records related to all “meetings and discussions” between Perry and Rudy Guiliani as Perry was the only one to endorse the attorney during his 2008 presidential run.

They are also seeking any and all information regarding the military funding that was withheld from Ukraine, including but not limited to government meetings and any notes that resulted from such data.

The deadline for the subpoena has been set for the 18th of this month and the Energy Department has not yet responded to any requests for comments.

You can read the full report from Politico here.

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