Shameful Mitch McConnell Received Major Backlash From People After Posting About Stimulus Package

Did he really think that would go over well???

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The United States is coming up on a year of this deadly, disastrous coronavirus pandemic. Other countries around the globe have received various forms of help from their government to help them through these unprecedented, scary, and troubling times — whether it be in the form of monthly checks to help them through the financial hardships, temporary stays on expenses such as utilities and rent, or help with things such as child care and food needs.

The people of the United States have received one $1200 check, begrudgingly forked over by the powers that be, that’s evidently supposed to last us nearly a year, and that’s about the extent of the American government’s reach when it comes to helping their people throughout what has become one of the biggest catastrophes of our lifetime.

Democrats in Congress have been fighting tooth and nail to put something together to help the suffering American public. However, all the GOP is concerned with is massive bailouts for the 1 percent while paying as little as possible to the actual heart and soul of this nation. Frankly, if they had it their way, Jeff Bezos wouldn’t pay another penny in taxes for the next decade while we’re told to suck it up, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, and figure it out.


And leading the pack against any real relief for the American people is none other than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. That is, until now, it seems.

With such a mess going on with Senators Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia, it seems that Mitch is now whistling a different tune when it comes to a stimulus package for the people. However, unsurprisingly, no one’s interested in his self-serving crap at this point.

Taking to his Twitter recently, Senator McConnell ironically wrote, “I appreciate the good-faith spirit that has characterized the bipartisan negotiations this past week. But the American people cannot feed their families or pay their bills with Congress’s good-faith discussions. They need us to act. We need to conclude talks and land this plane.”

Americans were quick to let him know how they feel about it:

Nice try, Mitch. But the American people know better. Just a few more weeks and Loeffler and Purdue will be gone, and you’ll be a powerless little weasel once again.

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