“Sign Of Withdrawal”: This Clip Of Donald Trump “Drenched” In Sweat Left People With A Lot Of Serious Questions

I really don't think he is well.

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Scandal-plagued and multi-indicted former President Trump had more than a long list of complaints, whines, and grievances about his infamous Manhattan Stormy Daniels Hush Money trial — where he was charged (and has since been convicted) with 34 criminal felony counts of falsifying business records in connection to the $130,000 payment made to the former adult film star in an effort to buy her silence about their alleged 2006 one-night-stand affair in 2006, in hopes of protecting his 2016 presidential campaign and then attempting to cover the payment up with falsified records.

Chief among those complaints was, weirdly enough, the temperature of Judge Juan Merchan’s Manhattan courtroom.

To hear Donald tell it, the judge basically tortured him like a Guantanamo captive by keeping the courtroom at an unbearably frigid temperature — despite the fact that multiple media sources who have been on the ground inside the courtroom throughout this trial have repeatedly said it’s simply just not that cold in there.

Nevertheless, the former president never misses an opportunity to whine and complain about being “stuck in the refrigerator all day.”

However, in the very same clip where he made this petulant complaint, social media users were quick to notice that, for a man who quite literally claims to be freezing his ass off, Donald was absolutely sheening with literal sweat.

This, of course, led people on X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their thoughts on the matter in the comments, with some people adding their own speculations and questions regarding why Donald Trump is supposedly freezing cold, yet glistening like a pig on a hot summer’s day:

Obviously, we have no way of verifying if Donald Trump is on any sort of illicit substances or what could be causing him to sweat so profusely while simultaneously complaining about how frigidly cold he is. However, I don’t think anyone can truly deny that something is up with him.

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