Social Media Has Questions About The “Nodding Lady” Who Sat Behind Trump During Town Hall: “You Mean She Was An Audience Plant!?”

I'm pretty sure she's not an undecided voter.

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If you watched Donald Trump’s town hall on Thursday night, you probably noticed a woman who kept nodding in agreement with the president while giving him a thumbs-up sign. Well, she’s been identified by the Miami Herald as someone who ran for Congress two years ago as a pro-Trump candidate. Mayra Joli, an immigration attorney, and pro-Trump activist garnered the Internet’s attention last night after repeatedly nodding while the president spoke.

Joli, who wore a red face mask during the town hall, earned the nickname “Nodding Lady” from debate observers.


After the one-hour event, she greeted the president, according to a video shared on her Facebook page. “We have your back! You see, you see, you are the best,” she can be heard saying to Trump.

“Where are you from?” Trump asked.

“I’m from the Dominican Republic, but I’m American, I’m an American,” Joli said.

Here’s the video from her Facebook page:

She gets around, apparently.

Twitter users had something to say:

This wouldn’t be a problem, but the event was billed as a town hall with undecided voters, though many of the questioners were leaning toward voting for Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Joli, however, did not ask a question during the town hall. If you look through her Facebook page, it’s filled with pictures of Joli wearing Trump hats, Trump/Pence bathing suits, and it appears she took part in a Trump boat parade.

Trump certainly has a dedicated base, even going as far as to sit near the president while nodding in approval to make him appear more popular. Trump is the least popular president in history, though. And how is it that Joli was placed just behind Trump during the town hall?

And they did find out who she is:

Everything always feels staged with this president. Nothing seems real. This president’s supporters will go down in history as Trump’s Squeaky Fromme over their complicity in enabling a dangerous president. We’re a bit concerned about that mountain of dead bodies behind the president.

Featured image via Mayra Joli’s Facebook page

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