Social Media Mocks Trump For Appearing To Celebrate 11 Percent Unemployment Rate: “Trump Spiking The Football When He Is Down By Nine Touchdowns. Unreal”

It's like he didn't even look to see what the unemployment rate is before he decided to brag about it.

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Donald Trump is so desperate to celebrate something that he is touting 11 percent unemployment after the June jobs report showed that millions of Americans have managed to get their jobs back after being previously laid off because of the pandemic.

Keep in mind that the unemployment rate stood at 3.5 percent in December 2019. But then Trump’s incompetent and reckless response to the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the economy having to be shut down in an effort to prevent the spread. In a matter of weeks, jobless claims shot up to 40 million. But Trump thinks he’s scored a victory because 4.8 million of those Americans got their jobs back.

It’s pretty damn pathetic, which is why Twitter mocked him for spiking the football.

This unemployment rate is not something to celebrate. These jobs were “created” because they already previously existed, but Trump is doctoring the numbers to make it look like he accomplished some Herculean task ahead of an election he is currently losing.

And because the coronavirus is still raging across the nation, it’s likely many state economies will have to shut down all over again.

We are in a recession and that’s not going to end any time soon. Trump was claiming to be an economic champion when the unemployment rate stood at 3.5 percent. What kind of economic champion celebrates that number shooting up to 11 percent? The answer is someone who is not an economic champion at all, because we all know that if former President Barack Obama had touted 11 percent unemployment after presiding over 3.5 percent unemployment, Republicans would have crucified him.

Featured image via White House Photo/Wikimedia Commons

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