Social Media Now Wonders About Pence’s Health After He Reportedly Wants To Sit During The Debate

Should we start calling him 'Lazy Mike'?

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Mike Pence, who was an attendee at the event now known as the “Rose Garden Massacre”, claimed he has tested negative for coronavirus. However, he also refuses to quarantine, despite being in direct contact with many that have contracted the virus.

It seems that every couple of hours now, we find out someone else connected to the White House has tested positive for the disease, most of which were at the event. The Rose Garden Massacre, an event where Trump confirmed the horrible possible SCOTUS choice Amy Coney Barrett, has been pinpointed as the main hot spot of the White House, though with each passing day the timeline becomes more confusing as to who contracted the illness and when.

Pence, who as far as we know hasn’t been infected out of sheer luck, has insisted that he be able to sit down at his debate against Kamala Harris this Wednesday. Many changes have occurred to this upcoming debate after it was discovered that none other than President Trump himself has the virus, and like had it on the debate stage with Biden. Because of this, protocols such as additional distance and plexiglass are being enforced, but doing the debate seated has nothing to do with it. In fact, according to Politico, the Biden campaign requested that Pence and Harris stand for the debate, but it was denied by the Trump campaign who preferred a seated debate.

This is suspicious, to say the least. Joe Biden, who they gleefully call everything from weak to incapable, was able to stand for an hour and a half without issue, and that was with Donald Trump barking non-stop. Could it just be a lack of stamina or is Mike Pence ailing from the same virus that has run rampant through the White House? The same on that has been running rampant through all of America. More than likely, though, he knows he is going to need to sit his ass down after the verbal evisceration Harris is going to deal to him.

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