Social Media Responded After It Seemed Trump Had Let His Hair Go Gray: “Trump Has Aged 4 Years In The Past 1 Week”


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Donald Trump has had himself a long few weeks, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends. He lost the 2020 presidential election in a big kind of way, once it was all said and done, but to make matters worse for the tender-ego’d manchild, it was one heck of a slow burn. Most states counted their in-person ballots first, before moving on to their early and mail-in votes. This gave Donald a pretty comfortable lead in many key battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, and the “Blue Wall” that he managed to flip back in 2016, consisting of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

However (and this is a really big “however,”) Trump’s lead quickly shrank and was ultimately overturned by his Democratic opponent when states began to tally up their mail-in and early ballots, which were largely skewed towards Joe Biden, as the Left actually values our lives and those of others amid a deadly pandemic. In the end, all of this resulted in Donald losing the presidential election to the former vice president, and to say the very least; he’s extremely unhappy about it.

The lawsuits, litigations, court filings, and manic tweets began to roll in from Trump and his people as early as the night of Election Day, before votes were even anywhere near being counted completely, and they’ve yet to stop. Frankly, Trump has seemingly hunkered down in the White House and taken to doing everything he can dream up in an attempt to somehow overturn the results of this nation’s Democratic process and secure himself another term — most likely with the ultimate goal of keeping his ass out of prison.

So, naturally, the dude’s under a lot of stress, right?

So much so, it seems, that he’s really let himself go.

Recently, Trump made his first public appearance since every major news network called the election in favor of Joe Biden and announced his as president-elect, taking to the White House Rose Garden to discuss “Operation Warp Speed,” concerning the vaccination for the coronavirus.

During the event, Trump did as expected, essentially taking credit for a bunch of stuff that he’s owed absolutely no credit for. However, most people couldn’t even pay attention to what Donald was saying, as they were too busy looking at that hair of his.

Whether it’s all this stress, or perhaps some manipulative effort to appear older and wiser these days, the once nearly florescent, cotton candy-esque puff of locks that always sat atop Trump’s head has now seemed to turn as gray as his soul.

See for yourself:

Social media had plenty to say:

Why don’t you just give it up, dude? I’m sure they’ll let you dye your hair from prison.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/The White House

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