Social Media Responded To Video Of Ivanka Delivering Food Boxes To Families: She “Delivers A Food Box To One Family For A Photo Op While Millions Are Suffering”

She makes me sick.

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This country has gone straight to Hell in a handbasket under the reign of Donald Trump. There’s simply no denying it. As we finally near the end of his disastrous term, things in this nation have reached a low that some of us have never seen before in our lifetime.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked a level of havoc on us that no one was prepared for — resulting in lost jobs, no school for children, no food on the table for families, unemployment numbers skyrocketing, food lines longer than they’ve been since the Great Depression, and empty seats at so many kitchen tables as we continue to lose thousands of lives a day with no real end in sight.

To say that we’re at an all-time low would be an understatement. Yet, as we’ve come to expect from these lowlife individuals, the Trump clan still seems to be using the suffering of the American people to further their own agenda and image.


Recently, Princess Nepotism herself was spotted passing out food boxes to families.

Now, at first glance, this would seem like nothing more than a kind, compassionate effort to help out her fellow Americans. However, this is Ivanka Trump we’re talking about here and she’s not fooling anyone.

As you’d expect, social media users know that Vanky has never cared about a living soul aside from herself and to say the least, they were not impressed:

Keep the PR stunts to yourself, woman. We’re over it.

Featured image via Senior Airman Kyle Brooks

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