Social Media Rips Kellyanne For Comparing Biden To A Frat Boy Because He’s Considering A Woman For VP: “George, Come Get Your Wife”

Trump must be really scared of Biden if Kellyanne is going this low.

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In an attack that didn’t make much sense, Kellyanne Conway attempted to smear former Vice President Joe Biden as a creepy frat boy just because he wants to select a woman to be his vice presidential running mate.

As the 2020 Election approaches, Trump and his team are working overtime to smear Biden and invent any kind of personal or political scandal to hurt him.

For instance, Don Jr. falsely accused Biden of being a pedophile in a series of tweets that drew wide condemnation.


Now Kellyanne Conway is suggesting that Biden is a creepy womanizer.

“You’ve seen the long short list of Joe Biden’s VP choices, they all happen to be female,” Conway sneered. “He sounds like, you know, a co-ed at the end of a frat party, ‘I need a woman!'”

Here’s the video:

Long short list? Co-ed? What gibberish is Conway speaking?

Biden’s list for VP is rather short, featuring names such as Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

And a co-ed is a female student at a co-educational institution. There’s also nothing frat boyish or creepy at all about considering a woman as one’s running mate.

Twitter users were having none of what she was selling.

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This was quite an embarrassing stumble on Kellyanne’s part and another possible violation of the Hatch Act. Trump and his team are clearly so desperate that they will say anything about Biden to win. But the American people see right through their bullsh*t.

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