Social Media Users Angry At Kentucky Governor For Wearing Blazer With Trump’s Face On It

Did he lose a bet?

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Governor Matt Bevin is just about as beloved in the state of Kentucky as Senator Mitch McConnell is — so essentially, everyone hates his guts and hopes he chokes on a corndog.

Recently he was in the perfect place to do just that, too when he decided he’d stop on by at the state fair because evidently, he’s a masochist and gets his jollies out of his constituents telling him what a big bag of dicks he is — because really, why else would he continue to subject himself to that?

While his airways, unfortunately, stayed clear of deep-fried, 4-day old pancake batter and mixed piggie parts on a stick he did still wind up with his ass positively handed to him on Twitter after users discovered that Kentucky’s fuckface in chief donned a blue blazer to the state fair that was completely covered in none of than big, fat Donald Trump faces.

And folks, he didn’t just wear this slap-in-the-face to dignified fashion to the state fair, he actually went so far as to mosey his way right on over to the Kentucky Democratic Party’s booth and attempted to meet with volunteers while wrapped up snugly in Donald Trump’s face.

The Louisville Democrats shared a photo of Bevin’s chosen attire as he stood next to an obviously unimpressed and very impatient young woman to their Facebook page with the caption, “Hey Bevin. Trolling volunteers at the Kentucky Democratic Party’s booth at the State Fair? How old are you?”

The Louisville Metro Democratic Club also joined in on the social media fun and shared their own photos of the sycophant governor.

And ooooohhhh boy did Bevin catch hell on Twitter:

Did you lose a bet, Bevin, or does Donnie boy have some dirty, dirty secrets on you too?

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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