Social Media Users Couldn’t Ignore Trump’s “Body Language” As He Returned To The White House From A Weekend Of Golf And Fundraising: “The Walk Of A Withdrawn, Defeated Dementia Patient”

Looks like Trump has a sad.

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the now outgoing President Donald Trump has spent a good portion of his time, in the wake of his embarrassing loss to Joe Biden, on some golf course or another, undoubtedly putting away his woes. So, we thought it’d be a good time to remind everyone of some of his previous excursions:

It’s pretty safe to say that Donald Trump had been down in the dumps well before he ever officially lost to Biden. No one seemed to like him anymore. He screwed up his response to the coronavirus pandemic in every conceivable way, resulting in literally hundreds of thousands of deaths with no end in sight and a completely destroyed economy. Novembers was rapidly closing in on him, with pretty much every reputable poll predicting a landslide loss for the MAGA crowd, and none of his cronies in Congress liked his idea about postponing the election. And because of his massive screwup with the deadly virus, he could barely even hold big ole rallies to make himself feel better.

So, it seemed as though Trump was maybe trying to cheer himself up a little by playing a few hearty rounds of golf and holding a private fundraising event at a residential home — where he participated in a roundtable with his supporters and tried to fatten up his purse a little more before Biden officially dunked on him 84 days later. All of which was closed to the “nasty, fake news” press. Because evidently, Trump just couldn’t take anymore from those big, mean journalists.

However, video footage of Trump returning to the White House after his fundraising shindig led social media users to believe that maybe it wasn’t as much fun as he had hoped for.

Take a look:

I don’t know about you. But if you ask me, Trump looked to be pretty worn out and down in the dumps. And the rest of Twitter seemed to agree with me:

You would think that a guy who just spent the weekend golfing and living it up with the last few remaining people who actually like him would be in good spirits. But, frankly, it just looks like Donald Trump is whipped.

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