Social Media Wonders What’s Wrong With Don Jr. After Watching A Video Of Him Appearing To Slur His Words

I think the stress is really getting to him.

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The old saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and there’s truly no better example of proof of that statement than ex-President Donald Trump and his eldest son Don Jr.

While there’s really no denying that Don isn’t the “favorite” among the Trump spawns, there’s also certainly no denying that the eldest Trump child is the most like his father in every conceivable way.

He’s loud-mouthed, arrogant, ignorant, and narcissistic on a level that I have no doubt scholars and experts will kill for a chance to study. Jr. carries himself with the same cocky attitude and King complex that we watched his father rule this nation with for four long, hard years. And that’s not even digging into Jr.’s carbon copy of his daddy’s “values” and “principles.”

But it’s not just politics and ego that the eldest Trump son appears to share with the man who gave him life.

For many, many years now (even far before Donald Trump took over the political spotlight with his first successful run at the White House) millions of Americans and experts have theorized that the now-former president suffers from a myriad of possible mental health issues and suspected substance abuse. In fact, several former Trump insiders have gone so far as to make public assertions and claims regarding the now-former guy’s mental health and possible drug use.

And now it seems that Jr. is once again proving just how much like his father he truly is.

Since his dad’s departure from the presidency, Jr. has really doubled down on these little video clips he makes of himself ranting and raving against whatever the current Republican target is at the time — “wokeism,” President Joe Biden, BLM, Antifa, the Capitol riot, the list truly does go on and on.

However, in one of his most recent rants, social media users just couldn’t help but notice that the ex-president’s son didn’t seem to be in very good shape from a mental health and/or sobriety standpoint.

See for yourself:

On several occasions throughout the clip (that’s just a portion of Jr.’s overall video rant) people noticed that the ex-president’s son certainly did not seem very well put together — often tripping up in his sentences, slurring his words, and sporting a rather unhinged appearance.

As you’d expect, it led social media users to quickly begin to theorize just what in the Hell was going on with Donald Trump Jr.:

Look, we have no way of truly knowing or verifying what Don Jr. is or isn’t up to. However, just from public knowledge, we know that Jr. has a whole lot going on right now, as the investigations, lawsuits, and legal troubles continue to hammer him and his family from pretty much every conceivable direction.

It really wouldn’t be surprising at all to learn that he’s coping in some really unhealthy ways.

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