Trump’s Own Former “Fixer” Recalled The Time Donald Allegedly Chose His Son Don Jr. Over Ivanka To Go To Prison If It Came Down To It: “He Can Handle It”

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Trump’s old former “fixer” and personal attorney Michael Cohen sat down for an interview with The Lincoln Project in the wake of the New York Times’ bombshell report late last year that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg could possibly face indictment as soon as the summer — a report that has since come to fruition.

As is customary for an interview from Cohen, the former “fixer” and perpetrator of the infamous Stormy Daniels hush money payments dropped another round of revelations on the world regarding the now-former president and his corrupt family. Among the recollections contained in this interview was the time that Donald Trump allegedly chose his eldest son over his eldest daughter to do time in prison should the situation come down to that.

According to Cohen, there was once an occasion in which some legal issues that the family was involved in were seeming to heat up and it was apparently possible that Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump could be held accountable for the matter when the dust settled. Cohen claims that Trump ultimately said, if it came down between Don Jr. and Ivanka serving time for these issues, Junior should be the one to go to prison instead of Ivanka, allegedly claiming, “He can handle it.” Cohen did explain that Trump was shooting for keeping both of his children out of jail.

Cohen said this story was included in his 2020 book, Disloyal, but that it appeared to go largely unnoticed among readers amid all the other bombshells included in the opus.

The former “fixers” revelation came when Lincoln Project hosts Tara Setmayer and Rick Wilson began to discuss a former MSNBC interview that Cohen participated in, during which he theorized that Trump would ultimately flip on his CFO Weisselberg as well as his children and even his wife in an effort to save himself.

The interview went on to touch on the infamous Capitol riot, which Cohen claimed was probably “better than sex” for Donald Trump.

The interview went on to take a deep dive into several other notable aspects of the former president, such as the disdain that’s felt for him in his home state of New York, his decision to flee to Mar-a-Lago after being booted from the White House, the relationship between Trump and Putin, the alleged “pee tape,” Rudy Giuliani, and even the similarities between Trump’s base and the Jim Jones cult.

You can watch the interview here:

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