Some Conservatives Are Furious After Study Shows 7 In 10 Young Dems Would Never Date A Trump Voter

Oof. They're big mad.

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If Republicans were hoping to eventually populate the world with their own breed of God-awful GOP spawns, they better not be hoping that any young Democrats are going to help them out.

Frankly, you would think something like that would be a given. But nevertheless, a new report from Axios explaining just that apparently has some Republicans mad as Hell.

“Young Dems more likely to despise the other party,” the brutal Axios headline declares. And to make matters that much worse for the Right (and that much more hilarious for us) things don’t really shake out in the Right’s favor when the poll is reversed either.

According to the new report that polled a total of 850 college students, a whopping 71 percent of young Democrats said that absolutely would not go out on a date with anyone who has voted for Donald Trump. When you swap that around, only 31 percent of Republicans polled said that wouldn’t go out with someone who had voted for Joe Biden.

So much for staying loyal and keeping those standards high, huh, Republicans?

The poll just keeps getting worse and worse for the GOPers.

Axios reports the poll found that 4 out of 10 Democrats would refuse to shop at or give their support to any business that belonged to Trump voters. Once again, when the question was reversed, only a measly 7 percent of Republicans shared the same sentiment for businesses owned by Biden voters.

Three in 10 Democrats would refuse to work for someone who voted for/supported Donald Trump while, once again, just seven percent of Trump voters gave the same refusal when it came to working for a Biden-voting boss.

It seems quite a few Republicans are quickly getting their knickers in a twist over the results of the poll — that honestly seems to portray the Right (or, at least the young demographic) as desperate fools with very little standards — with one GOP commenter calling the specifics about dating “terrifying.”

When it came down to it, Democrats aren’t really even interested in being friends with someone who voted for Donald Trump — with 37 percent of Dems answering no, while only 5 percent of Republicans polled said they wouldn’t be friends with someone from the opposing party.

“Democrats argue that modern GOP positions, spearheaded by former President Trump — are far outside of the mainstream and polite conversation,” Axios notes in their report. “Some have expressed unyielding positions on matters of identity — including abortion, LGBTQ rights and immigration — where they argue human rights, and not just policy differences, are at stake.”

A lot of Republicans were butthurt, to say the least, and tried to capitalize on the poll as an area they could bash Dems, without, of course, ever taking a moment to look at themselves or their party as an explanation for why the Left is so intolerant of them:

Frankly, I am DAMN proud of this generation of Democrats. We’re not here for your shit and we’re not afraid to let you know it.

Die mad.

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