Marjorie Taylor Greene Racked Up Over $60k In Fines For Refusing To Mask Up On House Floor, But A Photo On Twitter Appears To Tell A Different Story When She’s At The Airport And Thinks The Cameras Are Off


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We reported recently that controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has racked up around $48,000 in fines for refusing to wear a protective mask when on the House floor amid the raging pandemic. However, during a recent interview on Newsmax, Greene said she was fined over $60,500 in fines by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and admitted that she is unvaccinated. So, that would bring her $174,000 yearly salary down to $113,500.  That’s a pretty big financial hit.

I think she does this for attention, and she makes sure she gets it. She has that same issue former President Donald Trump has: a need for constant attention. And both of them resist wearing a mask in public, but Greene was wearing one at an airport recently. You do have to mask up to fly, but the airlines haven’t demanded that passengers be vaccinated — yet. That would hamper Greene’s ability to get around.

During her Newsmax interview, she said, “I refuse to wear a mask.”


And here she is wearing a mask.

Twitter users weighed in:

The masks are meant to slow the spreading disease down and protect each other. That’s asking too much of Republicans lately, who claim to be patriots, even though they won’t put a simple face mask on to protect fellow Americans. It’s all political theater with these people.

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