Sources Close To Trump Have Allegedly Said Ex-President Plans To Announce His Official 2024 Run On The 4th Of July And It’s So Predictable

This is so predictable.

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Look, we all know it’s coming.

There is no way on EARTH that Donald Trump isn’t going to run for president again in 2024. Many experts and analysts have theorized that the single only reason the one-term, twice-impeached former hasn’t already made his announcement is that he’s trying to skirt campaign finance laws for as long as he can. To be frank, I’m absolutely floored that he’s lasted this long.

But it looks like the “wait” is soon to be over, folks.

InfoWars host Alex Jones held a segment today in which he officially announced that Donald Trump will officially announce his candidacy as the Republican nominee-hopeful for US president on none other than the Fourth of July holiday.

Are you surprised? Yea, me either.

“Donald Trump is set to announce his run for 2024 on Monday, which is a very special day,” Jones said. “That means in 5 days, on July 4th, President Trump is going to announce he’s running for his second term.”

Jones went on to state that the claim has been corroborated by a “close confidant” of Trump’s, Roger Stone.

Social media was super excited!

Nah, I’m just kidding:

This, of course, comes after recent reports that Trump plans to make his announcement as close to Ron DeSantis’ front door as possible. Happy 4th, Ron!

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