Sources Have Confirmed That Trump Has A Wild Card Running Mate In Mind For 2024 And It’s Worse Than We Thought

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According to unsettling reporting from the Daily Beast, scandal-ridden former president and 2024 Republican candidate Donald Trump has recently set his sights on a dark horse, wild card contender for his 2024 running mate in a desperate effort to give his struggling presidential campaign, that’s frankly been dead in the water thus far, the shocking jolt it so desperately needs.

While there’s very little we haven’t come to expect from the washed-up ex-president, no matter how dark and deranged it may be, suffice it to say that this particular potential vice presidential candidate is far worse than you ever could have imagined.

Reports have trickled through the media cycles in recent weeks, speculating on the possible 2024 VP candidate picks Trump may zero in on in the coming months. While Trump himself has yet to commit to any one person in particular — and instead continues to tease his VP in the same manner that he teased his 2024 run — sources have claimed that Donald has a few favorites in mind, including the likes of Republican Reps. Elise Stefanik and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Notably, it seems that all of his potential VP candidates have one particular trait in common — they’re all women, a move that’s almost undeniably part of Trump’s slated effort to revitalize his campaign and voter base by whatever means necessary.

But according to inside sources who have spoken with the Beast, one highly unexpected individual has caught Trump’s eye in recent weeks, as she’s filled in for Tucker Carlson on his Fox News segment — none other than former Democratic congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

One Republican operative spoke with the publication and noted that it’s certainly no accident that Trump is only considering women for his 2024 VP candidate position, adding, “You have to think about how you win suburban women and how you win battleground districts.”

According to the report, a sizeable number of Trump allies have also floated the likes of South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. However, the GOP strategist said that at the end of the day, none of them have generated the level of chatter and excitement as the Greene, Stefanik, and Gabbard trio — though, the source did note that many of Trump’s allies are leery of Greene, as they feel that the unhinged, conspiracy theorist GA Republican would ultimately outshine the former president.

One Trumpworld inside source told the Daily Beast that MTG has “been characterized as Trump in heels,” adding that the congresswoman and former president talk “all the time.”

“Her style is just like Trump,” the source told the publication.

The GOP operative stated that the former president ultimately won’t choose another establishment Republican, a la Mike Pence, which effectively rules out Nikki Haley. However, he warned o the high likelihood that Greene would just end up being a liability in a general election.

“You don’t need MAGA — he’s MAGA,” the operative said. “You need someone who is loyal, someone who can fundraise, and someone who can help you win swing states.”

And, so enters Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard, who ran as a highly-controversial 2020 presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket and served as nothing more than a big, fat elephant in an ill-fitting donkey suit, seems to serve as the Trumpworld’s answer to younger or independent voters who think of themselves as “post-partisan.”

Eric Jackman, a personal friend of Gabbard’s and one of her earliest 2020 campaign surrogates in New Hampshire said, “But if it meant her at the top of the ticket with another Republican — yeah, you know, my experience is people who are Tulsi Gabbard supporters are very past partisan politics, they don’t like partisanship, they don’t like to be pinned down by a label.”

To be entirely frank, this serves as a rather clear indicator that Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign is struggling far worse than anyone has realized or been willing to admit. The fact of the matter is, the staunchly MAGA former president is quite literally weighing the idea of pinning a literal former Democratic presidential candidate as his running mate in a pathetically desperate attempt to somehow give life back to his dead campaign.

Read the full report from the Daily Beast here.

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